Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pictures I would have taken if I could

It's probably the ubiquitous orange dust, but my digital camera isn't cooperating. So as not to overwhelm you with all text and no pictures, I took the liberty of poaching a few photos off the web, for your viewing pleasure.

Soldiers from the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA). We see them all the time, conducting drills on the airstrip in the evenings, piled high on passing vehicles. I'm not sure having them around makes me feel any safer...

Nothing says Welcome to southern Sudan. Enjoy your stay. like a landing strip full of downed aircraft.

Manute Bol, the 7' 7" Dinka from Turalei (right here in Warrap State) who became the tallest player ever to grace the NBA. He apparently made up for his lack of technical basketball prowess with sheer blocking power (aka height). Sent a lot of his earnings back to southern Sudan to finance schools and weapons for his kinsmen.

(Most people here are tall, but not quite that tall.)

The Dinka don't have bank accounts. They have cattle.

Facial scarring is very common 'round these parts. Often dots on females' faces and lines on males. As I understand it, scarring is a traditional rite of passage for young adults, and a way of marking individuals' affiliation to specific clans.

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